Many people don’t think of seeing a chiropractor until they’re experiencing pain – especially when it stems from the neck or back. What most people don’t know is that chiropractic care is extremely beneficial to a well individual – especially one who intends to stay that way. Here’s why.

Chiropractic care is a branch of the healing arts which believes that good health lies within the body’s own healing properties. Quite often, people can have small problems in one area of the body, and not even realize it until the effect is felt in a much larger way, somewhere else.

A Limited Nervous System Means Limited Health

Chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between your spine and your nervous system. The spine is the structure, and the nervous system is the function. Think of the spine as being a super-highway for your nervous system. To function correctly, traffic must be flowing freely without delays. If traffic is jammed, blocked, or slowing down – the nervous system can’t function properly and it will in turn disrupt the function of the cells, tissue and organs, those nerves control. Chiropractic believes these two systems work in unison to keep and then restore your body’s health.

The word “Chiropractic” is taken from Greek, which means “done by hand”. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to use his or her hands to remove nervous system interference and create higher levels of wellness by helping the body heal itself. Chiropractic is the branch of the health science and healing arts which focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system.

The Popularity Of A Whole Body Approach

The number of Americans of all ages seeking chiropractic care has more than tripled in the last ten years, and continues to grow each year. The chiropractic philosophy simply works: by addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms, your body feels better, and it heals better without covering up the symptoms with medications or drugs.