“Our whole family goes here now.”

They encourage me with all of my health goals I have never felt better in my life. I started going in Feb 2015 and weighed about 330 pounds, currently under 320 and still losing since beginning of May. Could hardly do anything. To celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary my husband and went on a 4 hour hike. I love that now we are able go on walks in the evening together. The whole family goes now - health and wellness for the whole family.

— H.B.

“Dr. Charney goes above and beyond to help his patients.”

I have been a patient here for over 20 years. Dr. Charney and his staff are exceptional and treat you like family. I'm always able to get into this office whenever I call without having to wait days to get an appointment. I love this office and highly recommend this practice to everyone. Dr. Charney is a wonderful Doctor and goes above and beyond to help his patients.

— J.B.

Fabulous staff, therapists and talented and healing doctors, highly recommend!

— E.W.C.


“All the staff are kind, caring and super considerate.”

Physical therapy, neuromuscular massages and adjustments. Great staff and superb doctors! During one of my massages, the therapist found a swollen lymph node in my armpit. She told me that I needed to have it checked right away. Dr. Gold followed up to make sure that I had it checked as well.. All the staff are kind, caring and super considerate of your needs.

— W.P.M.

“My sinuses cleared with the first adjustment.”

This is week 4 with Dr. Gold and I can tell that my back is improving each week. The friendly staff makes you feel welcomed from your first visit. It may not be typical, but my sinuses cleared with the first adjustment and I have not experienced one headache since. (Bonus!)

— M.M.C.

Absolutely the most wonderful place! Best chiropractor in the world
— C.M.P.

“Stellar, professional service.”

I get the greatest deep tissue massages here to keep my muscles happy & healthy! Jason does an amazing job and my training has greatly improved.

— K.V.

“No better place to go...”

...when your back is out of whack

— T.S.

" I found Dr. Charney's practice to seek treatment and therapy for my injuries from a head on collision."

My experience with Dr. Charney's practice began in 2004. I had been diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer at the age of 38, just weeks after moving to the area. I had undergone a mastectomy, was healing, and took a trip to see family in NY. The night before my first chemotherapy treatment, we were hit head on by another car on our way home. Soon after, I found Dr. Charney's practice to seek treatment and therapy for my injuries from the car accident. I had been treated by chiropractors prior to this incident wherever I lived, for general maintenance of my spine, and my children as well. Discovering that I was currently going through cancer, Dr. Charney took the time to discuss with me various methods of improving my immune system, and overcoming the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments I would be receiving. He suggested neuromuscular therapy as part of my wellness plan, and I have been regularly seeing one of his therapists, Jason Randolph, for neuromuscular massage ever since. The combination of chiropractic adjustments, neuromuscular therapy, and advice on immune health were pivotal to my recovery from the cancer, the various treatments, and many surgeries I had to endure. I am healthy, active, and did not have any of the disabling conditions that can ensue, such as Lymphedema. Most breast cancer patients are left with this debilitation condition after having as many lymph nodes as I had removed, and I am happy to say I have never had this condition. His administrative staff is and always has been, personable, friendly, caring and helpful. My son, daughter, and husband are all patients. I attribute my extraordinary recovery and continued state of dynamic health to the excellent care provided by Dr. Charney, his associates, and staff.

– C.H.

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